Limp Bizkit Daily

03:01 04/05/2013

I will be posting a couple photos a day from tour on the Limp Bizkit Facebook Page. Check it out HERE!

CEW New Works Show

03:21 02/05/2013

Camera Eye Workshops is having a open studio May 4th and 5th. I have a few photos on display. Including this one of Debbie Harry.  Check it out all the info here!

150 x 150

02:36 02/05/2013

Laconia Gallery is at it again with 150 x 150! All 150 pieces and $150 dollars and all proceeds go to Laconia Gallery. Its a win win. The “Mad Dash” is Saturday May 11th. Yes, you have to run to the art you want before anyone else can snatch it! I have a photo in […]