Tour Update!

23:59 28/10/2013

Quick tour update. I’m in Australia! South America killed it. Next, Europe! Here is a pic of me and the boss. Check out the Limp Bizkit Facebook for photo and video updates! Photo by Ignacio Galvez

Rolling Stone

20:31 09/10/2013

I recently shot Aerosmith’s apartment building for Rolling Stone! (!!!!!!!!!) Check out the article here!  

Shoot for Dagbladet Information

20:19 09/10/2013

I recently did a shoot for Dagbladet Information, a Danish Newspaper. Only Peter Marullo would mention John McClane in an interview about Obamacare. Check it out here!

Spin Magazine

19:28 03/10/2013

Check out my photo of Fall Out Boy in SPIN! Out now! (also, don’t get offended by what I wrote.)

Godsmack in Alabama

19:27 03/10/2013

Yay!! I get to see my Godsmack family one more time this year! BayFest Music Festival in Mobile, AL. Sat. October 5. Anyone going to be there??