Jingle Ball Boston 2013

18:03 29/12/2013

I photographed The Jingle Ball in Boston this year. A little mainstream for me. But I would say the photos don’t reflect that… Check out the photos here.

Jingle Ball Boston 2013

17:59 29/12/2013

Fall Out Boy for Rolling Stone

21:50 20/12/2013

I recently shot Fall Out Boy for Rolling Stone’s Hottest Live. Check it out here! Also, that Boston Market looks really good. 

Interviewed by Big Red and Shiny (Video)

16:15 16/12/2013

I was interviewed by Big Red & Shiny! And it’s a video. Prepare yourself. Watch me babble on about photographing and touring!

Bass Player Magazine – Jason Newsted

17:59 12/12/2013

Check out this months issue of Bass Player Magazine! I’ve got a photo of Jason Newsted in it! 

Daily Limp Bizkit Photo Updates

19:43 09/12/2013

This is what you all have been waiting for! (and emailing and messaging me about non-stop) Previously unreleased Limp Bizkit photos!!  Check LimpBizkit.com literally every day, for a new photo! The whole site is new actually. And is really just a huge advertisement for me. Thanks Fred!

Guy Sykes for New Noise Magazine

14:31 05/12/2013

I shot Guy Sykes, Legendary Pantera Tour Manager, for New Noise Magazine. Check out the article here!

Slipknot.com – Clown

19:53 04/12/2013

Thanks to Slipknot and Clown for posting an unreleased photo! Check out the post on Slipknot1.com!