Slipknot Lowell, MA 2014

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Had the pleasure of shooting Slipknot again. Here are the shots.


Shooting Street Audio Interview

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I was recently interviewed by Shooting Street. Honored to be included in this legendary list of photographers. It’s an audio interview with questions about photography, shooting my family, and shooting bands. I don’t know if all of you have heard my voice before, but it’s heavenly. I highly recommend listening to this in its entirety. All 45 minutes of it. shootingstreetd-2

FEST 13 Project in FULL! 57 bands.

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Here it is! The full FEST 13 portrait project. This was super fun to shoot. I want to thank every person involved in this. Especially my fearless assistant for the weekend, Andrew Carroll.


FEST doc by Alternative Press

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Alternative Press interviewed me during THE FEST!
Check out the doc here!


Slipknot – Knotfest

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I had the pleasure of attending this years KNOTFEST in Japan. Here are my photos of Slipknot. Terrifying.


Limp Bizkit – Seoul Korea

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Some photos from the Limp Bizkit Seoul Korea show! Click Here.
And I quote “He was pretty good at dealing with customers” 


Behind the Scenes Video FEST 13 Alternative Press

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BEHIND THE SCENES of my FEST 13 project. It’s a video. Just watch it. 

THE FEST Portrait Project Gallery #2 Alternative Press!!

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This weekend I shot 57 bands for my THE FEST portrait project! It was insane and awesome. Gallery #2 up now at Alternative Press!!


The FEST Portrait Project for Alternative Press Gallery #1

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This weekend I shot 57 bands for my THE FEST portrait project! It was insane and awesome. Gallery #1 up now at Alternative Press!!


END of Tour

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Another Bizkit Tour comes to an end. Thanks to my Bizkit Babies + MGK and Crew. Till next time! unnamed